AI Wallet Editor macOS iOS iPadOS

MakePass enhances your Apple Wallet experience with advanced pass editing and AI-driven design support. It offers a simple and efficient way to create & customize your passes with ease and precision.


Menu for HomeKit macOS

HomeControl is a powerful HomeKit menu bar app: check the state of your home at a glance, trigger a scene, switch the status of a device or even change you primary home directly from your Mac menu bar!


for Safari macOS iOS iPadOS

OverPicture is a Safari Extension that allows you to play any web video in Picture-In-Picture mode.


for Safari macOS iOS iPadOS

BrowserMask is a Safari extension that allows you to browse websites as if you were using another browser by changing the User Agent sent to the websites by Safari. This way, you can make any website believe it is being shown on other browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


for WhatsApp macOS

WhatsShare is the missing Share Extension for WhatsApp. It allows you to share text, links, photos & video from any app with share menu support like Safari, Photos or Chrome.


for Shortcuts macOS iOS iPadOS

HomeBot for Shortcuts allows you to automate your HomeKit setup in a powerful new way.


for Safari macOS

BrowserSwitch is a Safari Extension that can seamlessly open any Safari page in other web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. BrowserSwitch supports both opening a page or switching it: opening it on an external browser and closing it in Safari.


for Bluetooth Scales macOS iOS iPadOS visionOS watchOS tvOS

AirWeight connects to your Xiaomi Mi Scale or SANITAS SBF70 Bluetooth scale and reads your weight in realtime, computes your body mass index and body fat percentage and saves the measurements in the Health app.


Document Merger macOS iOS iPadOS

MakePDF allows you to merge multiple files into a unique PDF really quickly by simply selecting or dropping documents and images.


Audio to Text macOS iOS iPadOS

VoiceExpress allows you to transcribe any voice message or audio file. It can convert voice messages to text in all languages supported by the system dictation service. VoiceExpress also supports transcribing audio files with Shortcuts!


for Zoom macOS

InstaMeet is a Safari Extension that transparently and quickly redirects Zoom meeting links to Zoom in-browser web client so you can avoid installing and using the Zoom application.


for Safari macOS

InstaReload is a Safari Extension that allows you to auto-reload any Safari webpage with a configurable reload interval.


Custom Menu Bar macOS

MenuBot allows you to customize your Mac Menu Bar using shortcuts. Each Menu Bar menu added with MenuBot is powered by a shortcut that is run at a specified interval. The output text of the shortcut is then used to populate the menu. The first line of the output defines the menu icon in the Menu Bar and the rest of the lines are used to populate the menu, which can include symbols, text, action links and submenus.


Auto-Pause Music macOS

QuietMeet detects video-calls in supported web browsers and apps and automatically pauses and resumes the Music app playback as needed.


for Shortcuts macOS

ShareBot is the missing Share Extension for Shortcuts on macOS. It allows you to run any of your shortcuts on items like files, URLs or text shared from any app with share menu support like Finder, Safari, Twitter or Chrome.