Install Any iOS App on Apple Silicon Macs


iOS apps on Apple silicon Mac

Apple silicon Mac running multiple iOS apps, some of them not available on the Mac App Store yet.

Apple silicon Macs can run iPhone and iPad apps natively using the same Mac Catalyst technology that powers apps like Twitter or Darkroom on macOS. Although all iOS apps are by default directly available on the Mac App Store, developers can opt-out and make their apps unavailable. Unfortunately, some of the most popular apps like Instagram, Deliveroo or Netflix have been removed from the Mac App Store… but that does not mean they cannot run on macOS, they are simply hidden in the Mac App Store. If you have purchased or downloaded any app from the iOS App Store, you have the option to make a backup of it using an IPA file, and those files can be used on Apple silicon Macs to install any iOS app.

Currently there are multiple approaches to download those IPA files for any iOS app:

Once you have the IPA file, you can simply double click it on any Apple silicon Mac and voilà!